Message from our Chapter President


Greetings to all,

     We extend our best wishes for unlimited prosperity, good health and safety throughout 2016 and many years to come. 

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our new chapter website that profiles our mission, history, community services and planned events.  You are encouraged to use this website to donate, support our upcoming endeavors, inquire and learn more about us on a local, regional, national or international scale and pursue efforts to become a member.

Our national organization was founded in 1962 and our local Bridgeport and New Haven chapters were founded in 1978 and 1979, respectively.  In these times of wanton danger and limiting resources, our chapters have endured to accept and meet the challenges of our membership, less fortunate families and demanding community needs.  As shown herein, we meet these challenges through member accountability, creative civic ideas, consistent community service efforts, and a laser-focus on results.  These efforts and results are aligned with our stealth approach to be impactful and felt within our communities and not just seen and heard!

We hold our members accountable to an order of manhood – 1) a responsible Man; 2) a College graduate; 3) a Groove.  This order is based on our founding principles of scholarship, eternal light and spiritual nourishment, individual development and collective prosperity.  Our collective chapter strength is a direct result of the strength of our individual members.  As such, we welcome any interested men that are willing to meet and uphold this order of manhood. 

On behalf of the Bridgeport – New Haven Graduate brothers of Groove Phi Groove, thank you for visiting our website to learn about us, our plans and events.  We appreciate your continued support! 

Best wishes and continued GODSPEED!